Blush & Blur     get both at one  great price!
Blush & Blur     get both at one  great price!

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Blush & Blur get both at one great price!

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blush: the unbelievably absurd diary of a gay beauty junkie is a memoir based "traumedy" taken from the pages of Harvey Helms' diary, about a young gay man who accidentally ends up as one of the very first MALE beauty advisors selling behind a department store cosmetic counter in the south. Throw in She-Dragons, Man Drama, Lipstick, Tammy Faye Baker, Senator Jesse Helms, plus more than a large dose of gay man craziness and mix! You'll have one of the most twisted Mint Juleps you've ever tasted! Through a humorous lens blush examines almost deadly bullying, and the not so pretty side of the cosmetic industry. Men behind cosmetic counters are seen as the norm today. When Harvey started it was more like he was part of a freak show that is vividly conveyed in the first chapter "I'm the Revlon Girl." The book also gives an indepth look at growing up gay in an intolerant world and being authentically yourself against all odds.


BLUR: HARVEY’S UNBELIEVABLY ABSURD DIARY continues where his first memoir based “traumedy”, BLUSH left off! This highly anticipated, next juicy volume, moves quickly through Harvey’s stints at L’Oreal & Donna Karan Beauty, his horrific 9/11 experience, his roller coaster love life, his accidental foray into the equally absurd fashion eye wear industry, converging to the beginnings of Harvey’s recovery, that catapults his trip down the yellow brick road. Through a raw, unfiltered lens, BLUR reveals how inner beauty is earned, very much the way a beautiful lotus ascends from mud, to flower and exquisitely blossom. 



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