Harvey's Story

Harvey Helms is a feminist in the truest sense of the word. He advocates for beauty equality & diversity that’s not based on a women’s age or dress size.  As an avid Beauty Junkie extraordinaire, Harvey’s love for makeup and skincare began at age 11, when acute acne became his daily battle. The ridicule and bullying he received on a daily basis, empowered him to become the person he is today. Through a twist of fate, Harvey started his professional career, as one of Revlonʼs first male beauty advisors and quickly rose through the ranks to eventually become their Global Director of Beauty in New York. His quirky and meteoric cosmetic rise is chronicled in his first book, Blush: The Unbelievably Absurd Diary Of A Gay Beauty Junkie. His next career stints, in Product Development at L’oreal, and Executive Director at Donna Karan New York, gave him a much deeper understanding of women’s beauty & fashion lifestyle needs. From Saturday with the kids to Red Carpet glamour, from everyday work looks to girl’s night out, from a first date look to wedding day fabulousness, Harvey knows how to wardrobe skin care, cosmetics, and fashion looks for all the roles each woman must play in her daily life.

Today, Harvey lives and loves in California. He calls LA, Palo Alto, and Grass Valley his homes. As an author, beauty columnist, screenwriter, and celebrity stylist, Harvey continues his beauty quest, helping thousands of women put the best version of themselves out to the world. As Harvey puts it- “Empowering women is my fate! Helping them is my fun.”



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