Harvey’s Beauty Philosophy

Having spent more than half his life developing skin care rituals and designing cosmetic color looks for women across the globe, Harvey understands that each woman he works with may need up to 5 possible looks. Depending on her lifestyle and personal preferences different looks require different cosmetics. Women are busy! Looks appropriate for Saturday, evening, work, special events, girl’s night out, wedding day. That’s just to name a few!
He also knows that a woman’s skin can react differently on a daily basis due to climate, stress, or just living life. Acne, brown spots, wrinkles, sensitivity, firming, sagging! UGH! What’s a girl to do?
Shopping for products to meet those needs can be a daunting task. Texts from clients on a daily basis, all wanting to know, “What eye shadow with which lip color?”  “Adult acne! Help!”  “Job interview tomorrow! Classic or Glam?” “I’m doomed! My face makeup looks like a mask. Any suggestions?” “I need a quick face lift in a jar, first date tonight!”
As a beauty junkie, Harvey knows there are thousands of products on the market to answer those needs. His bathroom, which he calls “The Warehouse”, looks like your local Sephora or Ulta. With all he knows, Harvey has decided to launch his own beauty brand, marrying style and technologies, with an emphasis on ease for each woman’s personal journey.