I love women. I especially love fiery, funny, smart, outspoken women who are courageous enough to put their authentic selves out into the world. With no apologies, I might add, thank you very much! When I meet them I immediately want to jump into their back pocket or yummy handbag and watch them work their magic. I met one of these special Pixies just a few weeks ago! Settle in girls-It’s time for Harvey’s tea & back story!  Well, a few months back you might recall that I wrote a column on Christina Haag,  the fabulous author of the book “Come To The Edge“. Remember the delicious book about her love affair with JFK Jr.? Now out in paperback with a shirtless John John on the cover? If you don’t here it is! http://www.amazon.com/dp/0385523173/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=13115817225&ref=pd_sl_9de2pakczg_b

One morning while multi-tasking with coffee, an Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Mask and my lap top, an email popped up saying “Match Maker”. Long story short, Christina matched me with the incredible Vicki Abelson. After only 10 minutes, we had exchanged at least 20 emails and connected by phone! Yes girls, I’m in love and awe with this blonde brainy beauty!!! You’ll love her too! She’s been so supportive through the launch of my book “Blush: The Unbelievably Absurd Diary Of A Gay Beauty Junkie”! http://www.amazon.com/blush-unbelievably-absurd-beauty-junkie/dp/1477508813


Vicki Abelson’s Women Who Write literary salon features well known author’s, singer/songwriters, and emerging rising stars who read and perform from their intimate personal work! Vicki personally facilitates the festivities so you know you get the REAL story that didn’t end up on the page! Love it! Women Who Write is as much about the discussion between artist and audience as it is about the reading itself! This safe nurturing interplay lends itself to open, provocative discussion! Or as Vicki would say “A perfect storm of shared human experience”! Now you should know that Women Who Write isn’t just for women or just writers! Vicki is here to help promote artists! I’m so fortunate that she’s asked me to do a reading of “Blush” in November! More to come on that! Check her out! http://vickiabelson.com/site/Home.html



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