The New IT Bags From Amsterdam! Meet Hester van Eeghen

All my girls know that as your Cyber Main Gay, I take the subject of accessories, very seriously. They can make or break any look. Especially when it comes to hand bags and totes, business or casual. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in work bags because so many of the accessories I see for women in the work place look….well….like a boring man should be carrying them. Many of my clients work in the legal profession so I’ve had to find options that are beautiful and functional,  while at the same time saying  “confidence and style “,without being over the top.  Fortunately for me I have global girlfriends! My friend Debbie Ruth, who I met through author and screen writer Tracey Jackson, introduced me to the new IT bags that are just beyond delicious1 Ladies! Meet Hester van Eeghen! The hot accessory guru from Amsterdam!  Here’s the Tea and Back story! About 7 years ago, Debbie was staying in a small chic hotel in Amsterdam, whose yummy gift shop was carrying Hester’s bags. Debbie was always on the hunt for great bags, especially for work and Voila! She found Hester! Needless to say, Debbie either made a trip once a year or had friends traveling stop in Amsterdam to bring her the latest and greatest. Fast forward, like so many successful women I know, Debbie knew that her love of these bags was also her business dream of a life time!  Debbie is now working with Hester to make these bags available in the US!


Who is this design wizard? Hester van Eeghen is regarded as one of the most influential Dutch designers of the century, with designs that are coveted globally with a cult like following! Made of the finest grade Italian leathers, HVE handbags are designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Italy by the most skilled and sought after hands in fashion!  Hester’s creations are characterized by architectural shapes, use of vibrant colors, and inventive functional systems. The design elements in her work are beauty, passion, shape, color, surprise, and exceptional quality. Fabulous!   Well ladies, there you have it! If any of you have discovered  other secret treasures please dish! We  all need to be in the  know! Also, if any of you are carrying any of those boring man bags I mentioned…well. You know what to do with them. Replace them with a HVE!



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