The Beauty of Democracy

It’s approximately 8:00 am. November 9th. My eyes suddenly open to stare at the white shade of my bedroom ceiling. The paint shade is called Swiss Coffee. If you’re looking for the perfect white, this is it. Perhaps ominous for the future? Hmm?

 As I sit up in my bed, I look around to see if I feel differently about the world. I notice that I feel emotionally hung over. I don’t drink alcohol so this is characterized by a state of……I don’t know what to call it. Confusion? What about the woman I advocate for on a daily basis? My many friends who aren’t the perfect shade of white? What about Rupaul’s Drag Race? So confused. My want for coffee overrides any other feelings and catapults me out from under my warm, protective, gay friendly covers.

 After brewing my French dark roast and popping to the bathroom mirror to look at my skin, I realize that I knew this was coming for about a year. Not my filled pores and new zit from the stress, but the situation we find ourselves in as Americans this morning. Now, I’ve almost been called every name you can think of, but my favorite is American. I’m an American citizen. This morning I felt it more deeply than I have in years. Perhaps from how divisively the campaigns were conducted? The very fact that we can all say what we want whether someone else disagrees?


I have an extremely diverse group of friends that exemplify a broad range of emotional beliefs. They also vote on all sides of the issues. While one friend wants someone who’s not the same old government, with a strong business background, and others want the civil rights champions, who believe in equality for all. And others hate that the 2 main characters we have to choose from aren’t the right candidates to move us forward. It’s because of democracy that I have all these different kinds of friends. This morning reminds me of that lovely truth. Very few places in the world have this luxury that I sometimes take for granted.


Now don’t get me wrong! I know that things are far from being rosy today! I’m as opinionated as the next American. If you read my book BLUSH: THE UNBELIEVABLY ABSURD DIARY OF A GAY BEAUTY JUNKIE than you know I was bullied and almost murdered for being gay. I WILL NOT go back to a time where I’m treated as a second class citizen or tortured without consequences for the people who commit those hate crimes against humanity. There’s only one thing worse than a woman scorned and that’s a mad queen. Please remember I said that.


In the same breath, I also don’t want the same old government that’s ruining us financially. I’m an entrepreneur with a freshly launched beauty brand that wants a government that helps us build a solid future, with less big brother watching over us.


So now that the election is decided, we will move forward as we have after every election from the past. Hopefully working together like a serum & moisturizer do! Together they can get rid of any blemish or wrinkle! Separately they’ re not as strong or effective and take twice as long to work.


Sorry. You know I’m a beauty junkie and love a skincare analogy. It’s in my American Beauty DNA! Now it’s time for an election & pore cleansing masque!


God Bless Us All!




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