Star Jones VS NeNe Leakes? Celebrity Apprentice Divas Throw it Down!

I Know. I know.  The Celebrity Apprentice? Really?  Sorry girls I can’t help myself.  This current season  is Crazy Good!  It’s kind of like Celebrity Rehab except Donald Trump is the boss of this loony bin where the mental patients are competing to win money for their favorite charity!  David Cassidy can’t stop taking cigarette breaks.  Dionne Warwick  is just  cranky and could play Madea’s mad black woman sister in Tyler Perry’s next film. Richard Hatch  is the most boring gay man ever.  At least it was interesting when he was the naked guy on Survivor. He should turn in his gay card!  Lisa Rinna showed us that nice girls with injectable don’t make it.  Gary Busey, well, just crazy. Meatloaf? Anger management. LaToya Jackson? I must admit it’s the first time I actually felt sorry for her. There are the few nice, sane people like Marlee Matlin, John Rich, Lil John, Mark McGrath, Hope Dworacyzk, Model Niki Taylor and baseball  hottie Jose Canseco. They are the glue that keeps this insane asylum together.  Many have already been fired by Trump but the drama is getting hotter! The Divas are getting ready to throw it down! Girl! I saved the best for last! Ex The View host, lawyer, and new author of Stan’s Sisters Star Jones VS  my favorite Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes. I want a front row seat for this match!

I’m outing myself   as a Celebrity Apprentice  addict because the dish is getting so delicious. NeNe last week called LaToya “Casper the Ghost”, oh no she didn’t, and  LaToya was voted off last night because of Star Jones who strategically brought NeNe into the boardroom to make sure LaToya would be fired.  It worked. Afterwards NeNe more or less told Star to have a heart and remember this is for charity .   This morning on Today, LaToya told Anne Curry that Star Jones is evil. Twitter blew up last night with scathing remarks about Star.  Twitter followers all agreed that Star should have been fired and to tell the truth I’ve never read the word Bitch more times in a row than I did on Twitter after the broadcast.  My favorite tweet was “An Amber Alert has been issued for Star Jones neck.” Girl!


Now even if you haven’t watched, you must  tune in this Sunday on NBC at 9 pm to see NeNe hand Star her new and improved skinny ass.  Donald Trump made a comment about Stars weight loss because NeNe told Trump that the other girls are scared of Star and “Crawling up her ass!” Trump said “Well it’s better now that Star has lost all that weight.” Honey this is must see TV!

The preview this week has NeNe just going after Star! Comments like “Star, where is Barbra Walters now?” Star simply responds “This isn’t the Real Housewife’s!” Ding! Round one!  Who will win? I don’t know.  I love NeNe! I’m from the south and she reminds me  of some of my favorite Bff’s from high school!  She’s real and tells it like it is.  Star Jones is wicked smart, well-spoken  and strategically controlled. It also depends if the girls win the task. If so, no girls will be fired.  I personally hope that happens.  It will give us a few more weeks of good Sunday night dish! I’m team NeNe! Sorry Star! Have to vote for my home girl! LaToya call me if you need to talk!





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