ReVive- A Plastic Surgeon’s Non-Surgical Approach to Beauty! Meet Dr, Gregory Bays Brown

Ah the season change! Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Is it me or do Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier every year? I swear I think I saw some in August? Anyway, that’s another column!  I know for myself and my clients that a season change can wreak havoc on skin! I’m personally  feeling drier and my skin looks a little more dull. Hate that! Don’t you? Although I own almost every beauty product known to man, I still search for the next miracle! I think I definitely found a miracle! Meet Dr. Gregory Bays Brown! Creator and Founder of ReVive skincare.

As a Harvard and Emory University trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Brown realized that he could achieve success surgically, but only to a point because even after surgery skin can look lack luster.  Beginning by establishing a laboratory to conduct a 2 Million dollar study on healing severe wounds of burn victims, he discovered a bioengineered molecule called EGF[Epidermal Growth Factor]. His defining moment came when he discovered that EGF not only caused severe burn wounds to heal faster, but that EGF was the same molecule the regenerated aging skin! The rest is beauty history as they say!

Give these 2 products just 2 weeks and your skin will achieve a glow that is just short of a miracle! Really!

REVIVE MOISTURE RENEWAL CREAM– This rich cream exfoliates, retexturizes and improves skin clarity!

REVIVE SERUM PRESSE– Instant gratification! Instantly lifts skin making it more radiant!

So there really are miracles! Let me know how you love these and about your new GLOW!

I better get to the store. I just realized that Christmas is just about 56 days away! Time to shop!




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