NORA EPHRON! The incredible woman who made me a writer has left the building!

Girls life is so short! Last night I’m reminded of this in a big sad way. As I am preparing  my Betty column to launch my new book “blush: the unbelievably absurd diary of a gay beauty junkie” the universe decided that our fabulous Nora Ephron is needed elsewhere in the universe. I’m sad to say that the person who inspired me to actually become a writer and publish this book died yesterday. When I read the first post about her death I couldn’t believe it! A world without Nora?  I sat, just starting forward into space, thinking how many times this one woman made me think, laugh, cry and gave me the courage to publish a book!  There will be at least a million posts about Nora because she has changed our pop culture lives in so many ways! I’m always surprised when people don’t know that she created some the most fabulous movie classics that we Netflix like “When Harry Met Sally”, Sleepless in Seattle”, and “You’ve Got Mail”. Everyone will be writing about all of her incredible accomplishments, and rightly so. I want you to know that Nora was a champion of all things women and gave back to help girls become who they want to be. And yes, I’m one of those “girls”.


My great friend and business mentor Kathi Lutton got the chance to be with Nora at the 2010 Fortune Magazine “Most Powerful Women’s Conference”. Kathi mentors women from other countries, who are developing ideas and business concepts to empower women to change the world! Nora was of course there lending support, expertise and inspiration to these young women on the journey to make this planet a better place! I want you to know that Nora Ephron was a humanitarian and gave back to help other’s  realize their own dreams. These pics from celebrity photographer Asa Mathat tell the story! Fortune mentee Susan Rammekwa is featured here in the pic! Susan was so grateful for all the love and advice that Nora gave so easily. It changed her life!


I will remember Nora for a million things, but mostly for her first and last books! My BFF Diana Kay Eaton had me reread Nora’s first books, “Crazy Salad” and “Heartburn” . These solidified my love of humorous, real writing that helped me complete “blush”. Finally, “I Feel Bad About My Neck” gave me the courage to be myself and find my voice in the world. Nora, I’m forever in your debt.


So girls, my hope is that Nora somehow gets the chance to read my book and  send me a message from the cosmos that says “I’m proud of you kid!”


Tearfully I say goodbye.

Rest in peace Funny Girl.

I miss you already.



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