Meet Nathan Myhrvold! The 21st Century High -Tech Julia Child

As your Cyber Main Gay I have to admit something!   I don’t know how to cook.  Well at least girls, act surprised like it’s big news please! LOL! As Joan Rivers once said “The only thing I know how to make is reservations!” I can totally relate.  I do however know good food when I taste it. I’ve always considered Julia Child the “Queen” of all great things cooking, especially after seeing the movie“Julie and Julia“.  Watching Meryl Streep portray Julia Child was like watching the actual Julia Child.  Great performance.  I left the movie realizing that Julia changed the way we cook with her 1961 best seller “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”  It was a revolution!  Nothing since has rocked the culinary world to it’s core.  Or at least not until now!  Ladies- Meet Nathan Myhrvold-author of “Modern Cuisine- The Art and Science of Cooking.” An exquisite six volume series of pure cooking magic, that combines the ART of cooking with the SCIENCE of cooking.

First things first ladies! Who is Nathan Myhrvold?  Hang on to your Juicy Couture aprons! He’s beyond amazing!  Nathan is a Co-founder  of Intellectual Ventures, which is an invention company.  This company is stocked with an elite assemblage of brainpower, scientists and puzzle solvers of every variety!  They dream up processes and products to make the planet better, then file for patent applications!  The company currently controls over 20,000 patents!  Nathan graduated from high school at 14 years old, and by the time he was 23 had earned, primarily from UCLA and Princeton, a bachelor’s degree [mathematics], two master’s degrees[geophysics/space physics and mathematical economics], and a Ph.D.[mathematical physics].  Take a brainiac breadth!  He then went on to Cambridge university to do quantum cosmology research with Stephen Hawking!

Nathan is also the former chief technology officer at Microsoft, where he was a futurist, strategist, founder of it’s research lab and the “Whisperer” to Bill Gates!  Bill once observed “I don’t know anyone I would say is smarter than Nathan.”  Just to put that in perspective, Bill gates is to the tech world what Anna Wintour , chief editor at Vogue magazine, is to the fashion world!  Enough said. Now girls, imagine me sitting at the Westin hotel waiting to interview Nathan about his revolutionary cookbook!  This shopaholic, beauty junkie was definitely shaking in his Prada shoes!  No worries my pretties!  After 5 minutes with Nathan, I was so charmed and mesmerized that I almost forgot to take notes for this column!    Nathan has always loved food has one more impressive credential-he’s is a master french chef.  At 9 years old he flambe’d a turkey for Thanksgiving! His love of great food and science prompted him on a journey to create this six volume masterpiece.  Volume one covers the history and fundamentals of food.  The next four volumes cover equipment and techniques, animals and plants, gels and emulsions, finishing with volume six-detailing plated dish recipes. All  recipes are spiral bound and printed on waterproof, washable paper.  Of course Nathan would think of that! Love it!  Im definitely accident prone! My two favorite highlights were “Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen” and the map of “Regional Barbecue.”  I’m  a southern belle and I adore barbecue, just like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind!  This book is the new must have for all people who cook!  If your a novice to cooking like me it’s a great start.  Find out more at  There you have it gorgeous!  We need a man like Nathan! Handsome, smart, charming and can cook too!  Oh !!!!!!I have to go girls!!!!!! My liquid nitrogen is boiling!!!!


Bon Appetit!



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