Meet Ken Caldeira! Come on girls! Let’s help him save the planet!

Progress Bar Uninstalling with the text: Global Warming                                                The other day while I was inventorying my beauty warehouse, otherwise known as my bathroom, I started looking at ingredient listings on the back of some skin care boxes.  Please make sure you always check those out before you buy any product!  It lets you know what you’re getting.  Today there is a huge trend in the beauty industry toward more natural and organic ingredients.  Not just your chicken breast for lunch girls, but your night cream too!  Lavender?  Soothing.  Ginseng?  Energizing.  Kaolin?  Purifying. There’s a gazillion!  All from good ole Mother Earth. As I was applying a delicious chamomile body cream, I had a big, gay, horrific beauty vision.  Could Global Warming hurt our skin care products?   OMG!!!!!  I ran to my iPhone and googled Al Gore, who was awarded the triple crown for his global warming book “An Inconvenient Truth– Oscar, Nobel and Grammy!

Up came this video:  Danger Gay Robinson!  I better get to the bottom of this!  As your Cyber Main Gay, I went straight to the top!  Ladies-Meet Ken Caldera! Climate Scientist, Geoengineer and Director of the Department of Global Ecology at the famed Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University.


I was a little nervous meeting Ken because science was NOT my best subject in school.  Okay girls it was the worst.  Was Ken thinking, “What am I doing at lunch with this beauty queen?  No!  It was the total opposite!  His charm and down to earth personality put me right at ease.  He has a great sense of humor and life philosophy.  He said, “Happiness is feeling appreciated by friends and doing work that is meaningful. ”  You should also know that Ken walks the global warming talk!  He personally lives the green life! Ken believes that great design is an important in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  I found this out when we went to lunch on his Vespa LX 150.  He gave me a really fabulous helmet so I wouldn’t have any hair drama!  His Stanford office is cooled by a misty water chamber rather than air conditioning.  Impressive.  In his mind he wears two hats.  The Citizen who asks, “What should I do?”  And the Scientist that asks, “How does it work?”  As I was sipping my Diet Coke pondering what my first question would be, Ken said “Harvey, like it or not, a climate emergency is a possibility.  Climate change triggered by the accumulation of greenhouse gasses [carbon dioxide or CO2] emitted into the atmosphere has the potential of causing serious and lasting damage to human and natural systems.  Carbon Dioxide is a villain insofar as an inanimate object can be a villain.”  Yes girls- I flash back to science class!  HELP! Ken said, “Don’t worry Harvey! Here’s global warming 101: Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth’s surface, air, and oceans.  Green House gasses are gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere that collect heat and light from the sun.  With too many GHG’s in the air, the Earth’s atmosphere will trap too much heat and the Earth will get too hot.  This increase in global temperature could cause sea levels to rise and change the amount and patterns of precipitation.  Other likely effects could include extreme weather conditions, species extinction and changes in agriculture.”  I was speechless!  What can we do to help Ken?


Ken looked at me and smiled. ” As a Citizen and Scientist I think it’s about social responsibility.  Not through self-denial but through better design.  While scientists and geoengineers are working on better designs for solar , wind energy and planetary management , our citizens can help by simply recycling and perhaps driving less.  Change a light bulb.  Plant a tree.  Harvey you do need agriculture for beauty!”  Ken’s right!  Well that sounds easy enough.  I guess if each person cared we could make a difference one person at a time.  Here’s a link to Ken to find out more :

With the devastating earthquake and tsunami  in Japan I think that the most important thing on the earth, other than the actual planet,  are the global citizens that inhabit it.  In an instant their  lives were changed forever.  Here are two links to find out other ways  to assist those in need:  and


Also if you’re a person who prays, a little bit of love goes a long way.





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