Life Without A Daily Shot Of Oprah?

For the last 25 years, there’s been a woman that we have quoted, admired and yes even some days idolized that is moving on. I know she’ll have  her OWN network but it sorts of feels like the loss of a sister who we could trust for everything from weight loss to the real celebrity dish. Yes my pretties for some reason I’m mourning Oprah!  I guess the biggest bummer is that I’ll never have the chance to be on her “Favorite Things” show! Like many of you, I dreamed of accidentally sitting in the audience to hear about “Menstrual cramps and how they can ruin your marriage!” , to be surprised to hear  Oprah scream PSYCHE! IT’S MY FAVORITE THINGS SHOW! After which we would all hyperventilate, throw up and leave Harpo Studios with a new car, a european cruise, Ralph Lauren Cashmere, and a year supply of Creme De La Mere! Now our dreams are dashed! Who will we watch now? Let’s look at our daytime alternatives! Just the girls! No Dr OZ or Dr Phil.

ELLEN– She’s my top pick because she’s funny and a great humanitarian. She’s also famous for her great give a ways! You never have to say Ellen’s last name to know which Ellen I’m speaking about. She has that in common with Oprah! Some days I get up and dance when she dances through her studio audience so I can count that as my cardio time too! ELLEN is definitely one stop shopping!

WENDY WILLIAMS– Love her too but disappointed with her performance on Dancing With The Stars.  I feel a little emotionally scarred after finding out that she’s a disco queen who can’t dance.  I’ll heal though because I felt the same way about Whitney Houston’s lack of grooving skills. Wendy gives good dish  so she’s definitely in the running!

TYRA BANKS- Gorgeous, smart woman who’s gotten better over the years. Just when you think you know Tyra, she switches it up leaving you stunned and breathless! Never count Miss Banks out!

There you have my top three picks Gorgeous! Let me know who you’d pick or if you have another fab TV Guru we should be checking out! Oprah is leaving such a big void that we may need to consider having two women to fill her shoes!

I miss Gail too!



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