"It's a Girl!"


"It's a Girl!"


"OH!!! What a cute baby!  Well that's the prettiest baby I've ever seen! You must be soooo proud!"  Then suddenly you come out of the dream and you realize that your alarm clock is sounding.  You also remember that your home pregnancy test you peed on last night before sleep was positive.  So were the next two you peed on to make sure.  You're pregnant for the first time.  Excited.  Nervous.  This is new territory.  Baby territory.  Now it's not just about you any more.  What will the next 9 months be like?  No glass of wine or hair color?  UGH!!  You've seen friends and family experience the miracle of birth.  But you've also seen the stretch marks, the unhighlighted hair, and a host of other goodies that happen before junior pops out and says "Hello" for the first time.  Don't be frightened my expectant one! Your Cyber Main Gay has consulted Baby Genius pediatrician Dr. Janesta Noland, http://www.burgesspediatrics.com/janesta.html.  She has 3 little ones herself so she's "been there done that!"


I met her for coffee at Peet's and immediately went to the alcohol and hair color issue before we took our first sip of caffeine!  Dr. Noland told me that the she had a girlfriend do a "French Pregnancy"- Stinky cheese and a glass of wine once a day.  She said her baby was okay . . . BUT . . . it's best to stay away from alcohol  and hair color to be on the safe side.   "Think about everything that might go into your bloodstream, since that goes directly to the baby without filtration.  Mercury from seafood.  Even nail color!" She even said, "Don't be exposed to the fumes from painting the baby's nursery!"


Wow this baby stuff is hard core!  Check out this link for more info: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/isitsafe/hairtreatments.html.  Look at all the facts and make decisions that are right for you and your baby.  One point Dr. Noland kept stressing was to stay fit!  It might not make your delivery easier but it will shorten your recovery time and get you back to pre-pregnancy weight faster!  Yay!  You can still do baby yoga! The best news was that Dr. Noland says you need to have relaxing massages and sleep as often as possible!  Also, your prenatal vitamins do incredible things for your hair and nails!


Now, I know your head is spinning, Precious.  So many things to consider!  Baby health is priority #1.  Well, let's think about it. It's only 9 months.  We've done diets that take longer than that!  Some temporary changes are in order though.  While Dr. Noland's job is to keep you and your baby healthy, my job is to keep you fabulous during this miraculous period of your life!  So, let's start with fashion. 


Priority #1-Buy gorgeous maternity wear.  So many cute things are available today.  Think Heidi Klum for Pea in the Pod! It's like catwalk couture for expecting mothers!  If you are on a major budget check out Target Maternity.  Adorable! 


If you have to shop [and of course you do], buy shoes.  Your feet may swell a bit during pregnancy but those Christian Louboutin shoes will still fit after the baby arrives. Tori Burch flats are also a great choice during this time for fashion that feels good.  The same goes for jewelry and handbags.  Take this time to build your accessories wardrobe.


As far as beauty, skin care is a must.  You'll see changes in your skin during the first 3 months. I've seen women's skin get drier as well as some others developing adult acne during pregnancy.  Your tried and true skin routine may not work during this period. You may have to experiment. Facebook me (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harvey-Helms/134449766616839)

 or contact me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/harveyhelms) if you need skin advice. One luxury you won't want to be without is Aroma-therapeutic bath products.  Lavender.  Rosemary.  Lime Basil.  Jo Malone makes the most incredible body products to relax and revitalize your spirit.  I bet baby will like them too!


Lastly, go immediately to your favorite department store and buy a  cream called StriVectin.  It works like crazy to prevent stretch marks!  The good news is that it can also double as your anti-wrinkle cream.  It has a lovely energizing minty scent.  Rub this over your tummy religiously every night.  Or have that special someone include it in your massage!  (And, don't stop using it after the little one arrives!)


Oh!  I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!!  You're going to be the most fab mommy ever!


Lots of Baby kisses!


















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