I’m Sick Of Farmville! Facebook Annoyances That Might Make You “Unfriend!”

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Okay girls! Put on your big girl panties for this one! I’m just like you in the mornings  looking at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ while sipping a delicious cup of coffee sweetened with International Delights French Vanilla. Sugar-Free of course!  Recently though, as I open up Facebook, I’ve been seeing  20 posts in a row that say “Please Help! I only need one more pig to be the King of Farmvile.” Really? 20 posts? Now I’m not against gaming and I will be publishing a column about women and gaming soon! I personally like the game Cat Shot! But I don’t post about it on Facebook. I’m confused by this recent phenomena!  Navigating Social media is definitely interesting. What to post? How many posts? Is it a personal forum to let people who annoy us have it? I ask myself the same questions as I post! What info do I think is useful or entertaining? Recognizing special people that have made a difference? Do I need to let everyone know “Where I’ve checked in?” I think that’s scary. Also some mornings as I read the ranting’s and ravings of certain friends I wonder if they need to put the bottle of Chardonnay away before they post embarrassing comments, or worse pictures that are not seen in the best of light. I’ve had to call friends and have them remove pic’s of clients in questionable positions!  Do you have friends who you think need a Facebook intervention?  My personal belief is that all of us are in an incredible learning curve with the many social media outlets we have at our disposal.  With the onset of “Instant Celebrity” and Reality TV, when did TMI become acceptable?  No answers here just posing the questions. I know the things that work my last gay nerve and wonder how it’s effecting you! Two Brainiac, Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich, from a blog called “Stuff Hipsters Hate” recently posted on CNN with the topic ” Annoying Us On Facebook?” Here’s the hipster take on the issue with the 5 biggest annoyances:




  1. MUSINGS ABOUT THE WEATHER– “OMG the snow!” “It’s raining cats and dogs!” I guess these two feel the weather forecast is boring? Maybe? I was always taught that you speak about the weather to make polite conversation when you don’t know what to speak about. Maybe our shy friends are just getting started?


  1. PASSIVE/AGRESSIVE COMMENTS– “I’m not naming names but……..” Letting your friends have it in this forum is not something you’ll easily live down. You might want to consider making a phone call instead of posting.


  1. RANTS– Same as # 2 BUT these are larger with political commentary, religious beliefs, and other information that used to be labeled “Personal”. You might want to consider that the world is looking at your posts. Or at least bosses or future employers might be taking a peek. Remember that today when you apply for a job, most employers will Google your name to see what comes up. Your sex video may not be the best reference.


  1. OVERSHARING– If it takes more than a small paragraph you might want to consider writing your first novel. You obviously have a lot to say!


  1. CLICHES– ” I love my life!” Or any other Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates” stuff. Not too bad if used sparingly but only works every day if you’re Eckhart Tolle or Oprah.


Well, we’ll all keep trying to understand this medium the more we work with it.


Oh, by the way, the weather is gorgeous here in California and my girlfriend was an hour late to lunch, and I hate world hunger, but my life is like a unicorn in an enchanted forest!


We’ll keep trying!





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