Hey Miss Insomniac! Drink Yourself To Sleep! It’s not what you think You Naughty Girls!

"Coffee must make you sleepy. They're always sleepy when they drink it."


Life is so stressful sometimes, don’t you think? I receive  tweets and email’s from my girls at least twice a week asking” How Do I deal with the stress of living!  Kids and carpools? Crazy job? Traveling for work? Husband  ridiculousness ? The House Wives of where ever drama?  Help me Cyber main Gay! Believe me I understand.  Can we have it all? I don’t know? I think we can but what about all the stress that comes with trying to succeed? Does it come with a price? For me it’s the tossing and turning, achey nights when the Sand Man has obviously misplaced his invitation to visit my bedroom. Even more stressful when I’m trying to follow Heather Locklear’s advice  about sleeping on my back only to avoid wrinkles! She continues to look amazing and ageless so it’s worth a try!  I’ve tried everything! Hot Milk. White background noise. Meditation. Reading boring books. Watching Antiques Road Show or This Old House reruns. Now I know there are sleeping pills today that will put you out. They can also make you feel like you’ve been on an all-night bender the next morning.  I’m afraid of those.  I’m already  addicted to Oreo’s and Sephora.  I don’t trust the claims that they’re not addictive.  They may be but I don’t want to take a chance. I love a good vacation but Betty Ford is not my idea of a fun holiday.  So what to do? I went right to the world’s most unique beauty magazine “New Beauty.” This magazine is one stop shopping for everything related to gorgeousness and well-being.  If you’re considering any plastic surgery procedures, the magazine can help you locate the best practitioners anywhere in the world! They’re also up on the latest and greatest.


They introduced me to a new breed of safe, yet effective sleep enhancers. “Sleep drinks.”


Now some of my girls use Chardonnay or their favorite red wine as their sleep drink of choice. If you’re using alcohol as sleep medication you may want to take a look at what’s going on in your life.  I’m no doctor but I would say that if you can’t get to sleep without alcohol, you may want to consult your doctor.  Alcohol also has tons of calories and won’t keep you asleep.   Enough said.

Here are 3 Sleep Drinks to consider in your search of a good night’s rest when you’re stressed beyond belief! The distinguishing factor is the ingredients list. These contain Melatonin and/or Valerian Root, as well as other natural sleep inducers.

Dream Water Snoozeberry-All natural water based drink that tastes like a yummy mix of blueberry and pomegranate. 0 calories and 0 sugar.  Stress reducing ingredients: GABA, Melatonin, and Tryptophan, that ingredient  in turkey that makes us sleepy on Thanksgiving! It takes about 30 minutes to work its magic.


rebloom Beauty Sleep drink– Clinically proven to promote and improve sleep. this was invented when it’s founder’s wife could no longer handle the effects of Ambien.  Lightly flavored with 5 calories and 0 sugars. Stress reducing ingredients: Valerian Root, L-Theanine, and Melatonin. Anywhere from 20-45 minutes to take effect.



iChill- This single serving shot tastes like berries with 0 calories and 0 sugar. Stress reducing ingredients: Melatonin and Valerian Root. 5-20 minutes and you are totally chilled out.

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All three promise peaceful sleep without the groggy feel the next morning. Waking up rested and revived? Sounds like a dream.  Make sure you apply your night serum right before you sleep drink! These plus your serum equals a radiant morning complexion! PS They are also fab when you find yourself on flight to anywhere that takes more than 8 hours!


There you have it Ladies! These drinks are only an aid to help you relax. You may want to check out Yoga or other stress reducing activities to clear your mind and soul to enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for! You’re all Super Women!


Sleep Tight!







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