Extraordinary Custom Jewelry With A Mission To Break A Cycle of Violence

Yes my pretties! It’s that time of year again. If you’ve been to the mall recently then you’ve already heard “Jingle Jangle Jingle” and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  Of course, I’m on the hunt for special gifts for the upcoming holidays. I’m always looking for all kinds of gifts! From great bargains to  one of a kind items to help my clients fill their loved ones stockings! No matter  what holiday you celebrate, gift giving is definitely on all of our minds. My luxury pick this year is Fonderie 47-the most delicious custom jewelry created by Humanitarian and Activist Peter Thum.   Peter is the CEO and cofounder and previously founded and grew the social venture Ethos Water, which funded over $6 million in safe water projects, helping more than 420,000 people around the world gain access to water and sanitation services. Just Incredible! Peter, with his cofounder John Zapolski have now turned their social conscience to combat the devastation caused by illegal assault rifles  in Africa’s war zones.  Fonderie 47 sprung from Peter and John’s personal experiences having seen assault rifles in the hands of children and how these rifles hinder many aspects of development in Africa.   Peter told me “A transformation is needed to break this cycle of violence! To this end, we’re we are turning the power of the AK47 against itself. Not only do we destroy these weapons, but we invert what they stand for by remaking them into wearable art.” Brilliant! Fonderie 47 has already destroyed more than 6000 assault rifles. The sale of each piece of Fonderie 47 jewelry funds the destruction of more assault rifles.

The jewelry? Breath taking! Created in collaboration with leading designers, including New York City based jeweler Philip Crangi and Swiss designer Roland  Iten, the world’s premiere designer of mechanical luxury for men, Fonerie 47 is creating exceptional handcrafted limited edition jewelry and accessories. I know you’re just dying to see some of this gorgeousness that helps the world so I’ll be showing parts of the collection in my next column! Knowing you the way I do here’s the link to check out their beautiful website! www.fonderie47.com.  Next Wednesday, I’ll give you a mini “Harvey Trunk Show” with Fonderie 47. Can’t wait to see what you think. Oh… By the way girls….If anyone asks you what I’d like for Christmas….Fonderie 47 is at the top of my list! See you Tuesday.





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