“WILL WORK FOR SHOES?” Well of course, I thought to myself, when my friend June Miller Richards, CEO & Founder of 6 Degrees of June, said “Harvey have you heard of Susan J. Ashbrook?” June is a fabulous BFF who arranged for me to be a celebrity panelist for an Angeleno Magazine event for Westfield Malls in Los Angeles alongside the fabulous MS. Ashbrook.  I’ve known of Susan for several years as the visionary woman who is credited for really creating the RED CARPET protocols that we know and love today. Not that dresses weren’t worn by celebrities in the past, they were. But the modern  starlet phenomena that we see at every major celebrity event? That’s Susan! I must see the Red Carpet coverage on E! before all Hollywood award shows! Who’s wearing what by whom? It’s a Stylist’s dream!  Susan has penned her experience in the fabulous book “WILL WORK FOR SHOES”-THE BUSINESS BEHIND RED CARPET PRODUCT PLACEMENT. I love this book , not only for the dish, but for how Susan is helping others to create successful products and businesses.  Her book is a literal “HOW TO” get huge, powerful exposure for your brand by harnessing the star power of celebrities! I receive emails weekly from women who are launching products and services in search of advice about how to be successful. If you’re searching for ways to build your dream business,  you must get this book!


Susan shows you how to:

* Get your product on the body or in the hands of a celebrity. Love it!

* Execute a celebrity marketing campaign for next to nothing!

* Prepare for the attention and increased demand when you have a celebrity hit!

Anya Sarre, HEAD FASHION STYLIST, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT AND THE INSIDER said “Susan Ashbrook was the PIONeer in celebrity dressing! Susan’s look behind the curtain of celebrities and fashion makes her book a must read for everyone!”

It’s a fast fabulous read! http://www.amazon.com/Will-Work-Shoes-Business-Placement/dp/1608321444

Will I work for shoes? I know you already know the answer to that my pretties!

See you on the red carpet!



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