“Come To The Edge” Cristina Haag’s Must Read Now Available in Paperback!

Happy New Year Ladies! I know that It’s been a few weeks but I’ve been busy looking at the forth coming spring yumminess in beauty, fashion and a new subject I’ll be sharing with you this year….Interiors! Time to give your home a makeover too? Let me help! More to come!  I spent my holiday shopping and attending incredible events to spread merriment and holiday joy! It’s my favorite time of the year! I also spent every night in bed reading one of the most reflective, beautiful love stories that gives me hope for love for all of us in 2012! If you haven’t read Christina Haag’s Come to the Edge you must get it today! The paperback version is launching this week! It chronicles her love affair with JFK Jr. Yes, the gorgeous son of the late President and the always fabulous Jackie O! Remember that incredible moment at JFK’s funeral when “Little John John” saluted his father on that tragic day? We all must admit that we secretly had crushes on him so it was amazing to read this incredible recounting by someone he actually loved.  After reading the Los Angeles Times review I knew I had to immediately pick it up. According to the LA Times ” The reader is swept into a rarefied realm where an intensely private Jackie Kennedy – whose quietly regal life is ordered around comfort and personal space is called Mrs. Onassis.  Come to the Edge is about the endless burning passion of young love– the kind that strips you bare and leaves you for dead when it’s over.” Yes, it’s deep and at times a page turner!

Christina who penned this New York Time’s Best Seller was born in Manhattan and is an incredible actress! I know you’ve seen her beautiful face with her leading and guest starring roles in ER, Providence, Family Law, Heroes, Boston Public and Law and Order. When I spoke with Christina she was just beyond delightful. Smart, witty and it was like we’d been best girlfriends for years! I love that! We spoke of many things but I don’t want to give away too much so you’ll enjoy the book the way I did! I will tell you that she told me “I knew John when he was just one of the guys.” John called her “The girl next door.” So sweet. There’s so much more but I’ll let you discover their journey for yourself.  As you start the new year by reading this book, my hope is that it renews your spirit and faith in love and conjures your own personal memories of the boys that warmed your hearts and changed your lives. You can follow Christina on[Facebook, twitter, christina haag.com here] Click on to Amazon to order your copy today!

Here’s to love!



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