As you probably already know, I’ve been associated with many a supermodel & famous actress. Not bragging- just a consequence of a 38-year career in global skincare & color cosmetics. Having directed beauty at many of the corporate cosmetic giants in the world, I’ve loved almost every minute of it. Give or take a cosmetic witch here or there. Can’t complain overall. I thought I’d been there, done that. Or at least I did until the moment I met Tyra Banks  


 Let me start at the beginning. As almost all good things that happen to me materialize through fabulous women I know, so begins my tale of how I met and collaborated with the fabulous Tyra. The woman in question is Allison Kluger. TV producer, writer, and now professor of Reputation Management at Stanford University in the “GSB”. For all us normal folk that means “Graduate School of Business”. She also looks like Samantha Stevens from the 1960’s cult classic, Bewitched, so of course she’s not only kind and smart, but beguiling and beautiful too. Last year she offered me a seat to attend a Tyra keynote at Stanford. Of course, I said yes because I wanted to see Miss Banks up close and personal. Not to fan out, but I’m a total America’s Next Top Model junkie. Her “I have one photograph left” line still sends shivers up my spine! We would host ANTM parties screaming each week when another girl would screw up a challenge and bite the dust!

 Fast forward about a year and I’m at Stanford once again, but this time I’m sitting outside a conference room getting ready to meet Tyra and have a production meeting for “Project You.” Oh! An important piece of dish I forgot! A few months back, Allison had sent me the following text:Project You is a Stanford Graduate School of Business course designed with management lecturer and former television host, Allison Kluger and Tyra Banks, a world-known supermodel, entrepreneur, television executive and business CEO to help students develop and refine their personal brand as they prepare to enter the workforce. It’s a highly-interactive experience, guiding 25 passionate students through the process of developing a personal branding strategy, leveraging social and traditional media to enhance their brand, and using their brand to make a positive impact in the world.”

 At first, I thought Allison had mistakenly sent me this text. But then she texted: Harvey? Are you there? Tyra has graciously agreed to co teach with me. Are you in? Will Harvey Helms Beauty collaborate and support Tyra’s maiden voyage at Stanford? Can HHB’s team handle the GBS student’s cosmetic visual branding transformations with your fabulous makeup & Tyra’s visionary leadership? Oh, and PS…. ...You can’t tell anyone or post any pics. Sorry about it!

 Excitedly laughing, I spit out my Think Thin Oatmeal I was eating as I couldn’t type the words fast enough! “UM?! Yeah Allison! HHB definitely will support you & “Miss Fierce” herself!” After a quick call with my business partners Rich Smith & Philip Bate, we were off to races! A close friend and stylist extraordinaire, Roxanne Deblauwe, in conjunction with Macy’s would handle the wardrobe transformations. After the 3-week course, the 25 students would present their personal brand elevator pitch [and new looks] on live television in Mountain View CA at KMVT. No small undertaking!

 What’s going to happen next? Will Tyra love Harvey? Will Harvey be able to find the Graduate School of Business at Stanford? Which is super difficult to navigate on the campus? Will Allison keep us all together? Will Tyra be able to juggle this, ANTM and her new gig as host on America’s Got Talent?

 For this and more, check out Tyra Part ll next week!




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