Adult Acne Yes Stars do Breakout! Get the Emergency Fix!

Katie Perry. Jessica Simpson. P Diddy. Yes Ladies, even many of our beloved stars do breakout.  Even Barbra Streisand in her “Funny Girl” stage broke out.  I wonder if Lindsey Lohan is concealing blemishes with her possible jail time if she doesn’t win in court!  Recent photos show her wearing more foundation then usual! Hmmm? I have received so many requests from you girls lately about how to shorten the time of a blemish without  scarring the skin. What works fast?  If you stay up late at night there are a gazillion infomercials with their skin clearing systems.  It’s not that they don’t work.  Many do.  But I think I’ve found the fastest way to clear skin that can be used when your normal skincare won’t do the job.  It’s called DermaQuest.  I have moments at least once a month where I breakout. Hormones? Stress? Humidity? I don’t get a period like you do but I must admit there are days when your Cyber Main Gay has a PMS attack! Watch out! Maybe I’m just channeling all my fabulous girls?  Who knows.  These breakouts happen in the stress areas of the face.  The chin and around the mouth.  Sometimes they creep up into the T-Zone where many of us have more oil production.  It can also be more blackheads than usual.  If you’re like me or any of those Stars you want it gone now! What to do?  Meet DermaQuest. Medical grade miracle workers! Keep a few of these products in your emergency beauty arsenal.  These are for those times when the blemish fairy comes for a visit.  You know the times.  Before a first date? Job interview? Your wedding? School pics?

Acne causes begin with bacteria, slow skin cell exfoliation, and inflammation. Attack all 3 without killing your skin.

Start with DermaQuest:

*Antibacterial Cleanser- .5 % Triclosan to kill bacteria on the spot. Yummy smell and won’t over dry the skin.

*Acne TX Mask-2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide to fight acne bacteria and safe non irritating Jojoba beads to  manually exfoliate the skin’s surface.

*Clarifying Pads- 5% Salicylic Acid to penetrate deep into the skin to unclog pores.  These are the strongest over the counter pads available without a prescription.  They’ve saved my life many times before photo shoots and TV appearances! They really tingle so don’t over use them. More is not always better. Use every other night!

*Derma Clear– Amazing serum/cream with 2% Salicylic Acid, 5%Azelaic Acid, and 10 % Glycolic Acid. This is the real deal. This light weight serum super exfoliates while calming redness and lightening any pigmentation caused by the blemish. It’s also hydrating and soothing.

These are available on line!

As far as concealing these little monsters, you want to use the medicated best that treats while it conceals.  I’ve used them all and the best is Dr Murad;s Acne Treament Concealer.

This concealer contains Salicylic Acid to continue to unclog the pores.  It stays put all day and looks natural,  Full coverage without looking make uppy.  It’s a life saver especially if you have an important day where blemishes don’t belong!

So there you go! Bye Bye to blemishes faster than the speed of light! Maybe I should send some to Lindsey to say “Good Luck Girl?”




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