2011 Emmy Countdown Continues! Vote For Mad Men’s Cara Buono!!!

Yes my pretties! We are moments closer to the 2011 Emmy’s to be aired on FOX September 18th! You already know that your Cyber Main Gay get’s incredibly excited before any major star award events. It’s sort of like Christmas but with better wardrobe and lighting!  My next big gay fab pick is for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.  Who could it be? Think of  the fabulous dressed up 1960’s. Think Sex and Cigarettes.   Since some of you weren’t alive then, here’s a link to Banana Republic’s new limited Edition Clothing line created by the show’s designer!


I’m just mad about Mad Men! Especially my Emmy pick Cara Buono! I’m sure you know her story line but if you don’t here’s the grand gay rewind: The fabulous Cara landed her most widely seen role to date playing Dr. Faye Miller in 2008.  Dr Miller is a cool, cerebral market research consultant who joins the Mad Men agency Sterling Cooper, Draper and Pryce.  Cara is so exquisitely fabulous that it makes me want to channel the any one of those famous Alfred Hitchcock Blondes! Remember Kim Novak in Vertigo?  Any way, Dr Miller initially resists the advances of Don Draper, played by the gorgeous Jon Hamm, but of course eventually falls for his charms! Their relationship started to shut down as she grew close to the truth of Mr draper’s  secret identity and the fact that he eventually leaves her emotionally crushed by marrying his younger secretary Meagan Calvert.  What incredible performances by Cara! She must win! Take a look!

How did she become so fab? Born March 1, 1974 in Bronx New York, Cara was raised in a blue collar family with an incredible work ethic.  Which is probably why, at twelve years old, without telling anyone, she auditioned for Harvey Fierstein’s “Spook House” and landed the part! I love it when brains and beauty go together! She graduated from Columbia University where she earned degrees in English Literature and Political Science in three years!  You may have recognized Cara from my other guilty TV addiction “The Soprano’s“. She was equally fabulous as Kelli Moltisanti, wife to Michael Imperioli’s troubled mobster, Christopher Moltisanti, who’s killed by Tony Soprano. What a HOT couple!



Cara Buono is so multifaceted! Check out her website to learn more about this glorious creature!


There you have it Gorgeous!

We love you Cara! Can’t wait to see you on the Red Carpet!




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